​All of Georgia

A one-time $40.00 Registration Fee is due for All of Georgia AAU tryouts. Covers (2) Elite workout, Player Profile & Facility usage during tryouts.

LSA Basketball Network offers year-round basketball training & leagues for boys and girls.  Our coaches are committed to promoting sportsmanship and responsibility at all levels of play, both on and off the court.

During the summer and fall (June – December), our players participate in the Jr NBA Summer Basketball League & The d-League Fall/Winter Basketball Program.  Our players practice/workout once or twice a week.  The workouts and training sessions provides support to our players who desire to succeed in the game of basketball.  

All of Georgia Travel Team Program

To participate at this level is an investment in the future. By participating in collegiate exposure events and following our guided system, our student athletes are strategically put in an advantageous position to obtain athletic scholarships.

Our fees are all inclusive. Because we are representing ourselves and Georgia when we travel, our mission is to exhibit excellence at all times. In order for our student-athletes to exceed at the collegiate level, it is imperative that they are concentrating on the STUDENT in student-athlete. All of Georgia is teaming up with our parents to ensure that our players are high school & college ready.

Our Elite Travel Team program is designed to prepare student-athletes to compete at the collegiate level and to provide opportunities to be evaluated by college coaches. All of Georgia Teams compete in events that most college coach attend providing a platform for our student-athletes to excel. Our Travel Elite Teams are for players that are committed to continue their skill development and desire to compete at the highest level.

Each year between March and July, our All of Georgia Teams compete regionally & nationally in leagues/events and play in over 50 games.

Thank you for selecting LSA Basketball Network. Participating at this level is an investment in your child’s future and we appreciate you entrusting us with that responsibility.

Registration to participate is solely online. All payments will be submitted online, square, Zelle or cash app. 

In order for players to receive their uniform and apparel, or be able to practice and play in tournaments, fees have to be paid accordingly to payment arrangement.

LSA organization is designed to provide young men an opportunity to participate in the sport of basketball while gaining valuable life skills that will improve their quality of life.

The past seven seasons, our Travel teams visited / played tournaments in: West Hempstead , NY – Orlando, FL – Jackson, MS – Birmingham, AL – Charlotte, NC – Houston, TX and Hampton, VA, Chicago, IL, Fort Wayne, IN, Myrtle Beach, SC, Louisville, KY, New Orleans, LA, Nashville, TN, Daytona Beach, FL, Memphis, TN, Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. 

This season, our schedule will be even more rewarding and exciting.

Fee and Payment Plan Structure

All of Georgia fee to participate are actually lower than most clubs.  We include upfront the cost: tournament fees, bags, shooting shirts and uniforms. In 2024, we prefer all players to look uniform like a TEAM.  Actual Participation range from $850-$1100.