LSA Lady Lions

We are dedicated to fundamentally developing the basketball skills of young girls and coordinating programs that will prepare them to excel at the collegiate level.



As we grow our GIRLS basketball division – Our success will not be measured by how many championships we win. Our success will be measured by how many girls we develop and how many compete at the collegiate level on scholarships.

A one-time $40.00 Registration Fee is due for LSA Lady Lions AAU tryouts. Covers (2) AAU Player Profile, Elite workout & Facility usage during tryouts. 

Fee and Payment Plan Structure

LSA Lady Lions fees to participate are actually lower than most clubs. We, however include upfront cost; tournament fees, bags, shooting shirts and uniforms. In 2024, we prefer all players to look uniform like a TEAM.  Actual Participation range from $775-$1050.

LSA Lady Lions
Team Program

Thank you for selecting LSA Basketball Network. Participating at this level is an investment in your daughter’s future and we appreciate you entrusting us with that responsibility.

Registration to participate is solely online. All payments will be submitted online, square, Zelle or cash app. 

In order for players to receive their uniform and apparel, or be able to practice and play in tournaments, fees have to be paid accordingly to payment arrangement. 

LSA Lady Lions Program

Athlete’s with some experience, passion for the game, hard worker, coachable, committed to the process, have desire or goal to compete at the middle, high school & college level.